And I don’t have to accept your so-called experiences as “legit.”

It does the Otherkin “community” - I hesitate to even include Tumblr in that appellation - a disservice to indulge the blatantly nonsensical ramblings of a troll, let alone give them credence as Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG). I have said it for years and will say it again: We have long been too quick to blindly accept any half-baked notion that flits through someone’s head in the name of “tolerance.”

This has given rise to a horde of McKin, and Tumblr apparently hosts the dregs of that lot, who all but drown out the *actual* Otherkin. Oh, you’re a cybernetic, vampire half-Drow, were-dragon, faerie Princesses symbiotic navigator of the Leviathan Starship Dumbass? Great! Here’s your super seekrit decoder ring, your royal scepter, your medal of Eldership, and an oil change. Would you like fries with that?

Open-minded doesn’t mean we let our brains turn to Swiss cheese and leak out our ears. No, you are not Otherkin because you really like dolphins and want to be one. No, you are not Otherkin if you think your “headmates” are a Na’vi, a Tolkien elf, and a living incarnation of GLaDOS. No, there are no such things as “robot-kin”. And no, Otherkin are NOT a gender, and should never be compared to one. (Yes, I actually saw someone in the tag who compared being Otherkin to being trans* or genderqueer.)

This ridiculousness needs to stop. Right. Now. Yes, there is a word for you, but Otherkin isn’t it.

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    That post was made a couple of weeks ago, so maybe there’s another of your kind out there. (I don’t know much about...
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    From what I’ve seen of TC so far. I agree with Sareth.
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    These are some good counter-points, though honestly, at this point, if she is a troll anything said directly to her is...
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    I was unfamiliar with Poe’s Law and had to look it up: Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is...
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    It’s a bit of a stretch and while I do have some reservations about it I’ve been keeping quiet about it and trying to...
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    Note to self, good short story idea here. Two souls born in opposite bodies come together. Almost like Freaky Friday....
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    Certainly. And if you still don’t believe me I CAN SEND YOU MY SOCKS!!!!!!!
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